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[Looking4] Model Master Light box

Hi all, I’m Gary Dawson in Eugene Oregon. Posting here worked very
well when I needed a vertical casting machine, thanks to the people
who responded and to Ganoksin for making it possible to communicate
with the larger jewelry manufacturing community!

I’m currently looking for a Model Master light box. One that uses UV
light to expose light-sensitive polymers. I have had very results
with this system as a very rudimentary CAD platform. If any of you
have one gathering dust in your back room, figure out what you’d
want for it and shoot me a response. Reply here, email to [gary at
garydawsondesigns dot com] or simply give me a call. 541-729-2531.

Thanks for looking!
Best Regards,

Gary Dawson

Wouldn’t part with mine…makes the most beautiful polymer
plates!!!, Good for wax or Metal Clay!! Did you know LetterBox Press
sells the plates in various depths?? el cheapo!! I guess you have
already looked at the units full price at Rio and Gesswein??? There
is an alternative that the metal clay people have come up with, and
that’s a resin finger nail dryer unit…very cheap…like $30 bucks
on ebay or go to Whole Lota Whimsy

lots of stuff that you can see!!

I have a lightly used Model Master from Rio for sale. I can not find any info on it to know what price to put on it. It was donated to the Craft Guild of Dallas. Any ideas would be helpful.