[Looking4] Milling or CAD service

I have a customer who wants a logo from her school made into charms
to sell as a fund raiser. I would carve it but it has wording across
the bottom and I thought milling or CAD would be better. Does anyone
have suggestions or recommend someone?

Thanks for all of your responses past and present.

Kirsten Reynolds

give 3dwaxes.com a try

Send me the Art Work and Sizes. Also what type of Metals. Then I can
send you an Estimate of “ALL” Cost.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ

We do CAD and protyping to the public, but email me direct and we
can discuss. goldmine-jewelers.com

While CNC milling will easily do what you want a much simpler method
is to have a photo etched printing plate made in zinc. This is done
with fairly high relief and high precision for making rubber stamps
and some printing processes. You then cut the logo out of the zinc
plate to the correct outside profile and vulcanize or RTV mold the
zinc model. Shoot the waxes and off you go. This is potentially a
less expensive method to get what you want. It is how we used to make
this kind of item before CNC was as prevalent as it is now. CNC
milling has been getting less expensive to have done but I would
definitely compare pricing of the two methods.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Kirsten, We do cad/cam for about 30 jewelers or so… give us a call
or drop a note.

Thanks. Dan.


I can do the cad and make a mold for you. I can also shoot the
plastics for casting if you wish. Let me know