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[Looking4] Mexico Jewelry

Hey David:

I usually spend a week in Taxco once a year buying silver. I’ve
never spent any time looking for silver in Mexico City, and of course
all the Taxco guys tell me theres nothing to see (in terms of silver)
in Mexico City; true or untrue?

What about Guadelehara (sp?)? There’s a jewelry show there twice a
year, but again, most of the Taxco guys tell me it would be a waste
of my time to go there, as I’ll only end up seeing them there.

Would appreciate your input.


About 70% of the silver wares are produced in Taxco, and the other
30% is produced in San Miguel de Allende (real beatiful town to
spend a week) and Mexico City. About 90% of the gold work is produced
in Guadalajara and the other 10% is basicaly in Mexico City.


On a trip to Mexico several years ago we met a lady from LA on a
buying trip for several outlets in the LA area. She had a route of
suppliers she visited at least once a year. There are a lot of
"factories around Taxco many in outlying villages. She had spent
years developing her suppliers. You need to spend time there or find
a person who has developed their supplier list and it helps to speak

Most of the crafts in Mexico are very area centered ( not
exclusively) but Taxco is it for silver. Gold seems to be Mexico
City… Mexico City is huge and we have been disappointed in the craft
markets there.



Maybe you are looking for bulk sterling. Because my wife’s sister
live in Spain and ask me to design her some “by the gram” work, about
in a couple of weeks if you send me your e-mail address, I’ll be able
to send you some pictures of theese work.


Estimado Doug,

It seems to me your Taxco friends might be trying to avoid that you
meet some competitors. I was at the Expo-joya in Guadalajara all week
and I saw some interesting new designs. I would agree that a big
percentage is basically the same stuff, but you only need a couple of
new good manufacturers to increase your business. You should think
about making a stop in Guadalajara or in Mexico City on your next
trip to Taxco.

I am sending you a few web pages of some of the manufacturers that
were exhibiting at the “Design pavilion” during the Expo-joya. I hope
you find them interesting.