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[Looking4] Melee mine cut diamond

To all:

I need to replace a missing stone in a ring: it needs to be a
fair/decent quality diamond, mine cut, exactly 2.0 mm in diameter. I
cannot find any one on the internet who has anything like this.

Chris van Laer
Butte, Montana

I have known Michael Goldstein years. Here is a link to his Web


Try Rick Shatz in NYC. They specialize in old cut diamonds.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

Hi Chris-I have a stash of OEC melee that I have collected over the
years. If you let me know exactly what you need, I will see if I have
it. The price depends on caret weight, but it will be cheap. Let me
know if I can help.

Ted Finesman


I am always looking for older cut Diamonds to use with my Antique &
Vintage Jewelry.

If you are interested in selling the Old European cuts that you have
please contact me off list.

Thank You
Greg DeMark