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[Looking4] LPG/Compressed Air Annealing torch


Dear Orchidians,

I need to purchase a large LPG(natural gas)/Compressed Air Annealing
torch. We currently setup another large annealing hood in our new
graduate studio and need the torch. Currently in use we have large
Victor 6-AG which works wonderfully with natural gas and compressed
air. This torch is listed in a 1951 Victor catalog, I can’t find
anything similar in any of my catalogs. I would really appreciate
any info.

James McMurray


James try Premier Industries “National” 3B-B torch with a N-3, N-4A
or the monster tip the N-6 and an extension tube (they call it an
elbow) the extensions are offered in 8", 12", and 18". I use this
torch for large annealing.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts



We use three sizes of the Hand Style Super Blowpipes from AGF Burner Inc.
Bulletin 610.10 in their catalog
0-N with tips in three sizes for small pieces, 0, 00, 000
1-N and 2-N for large scale annealing and soldering holloware