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[Looking4] Locket crystal

Hi all

Hope someone can help me out here. I am looking for a source for
crystal or glass that can be set over small pictures in a locket or
bezeled form. I’ve been using mineral glass watch crystals but want
something with more “mass” and possibly a magnifying effect, since
the photos are so small. I have also ordered small optic lenses from
a place called American Science and Surplus. The problem with lenses
is that they are often convex on both sides of the lens and I need
one side to be flat in order to bezel set it. I just ordered a
Colores clear epoxy resin doming kit but have no experience using it
and don’t even know if Colores can be placed on top of small photos
to act as a crystal. Lastly, I have glass lampworker/caster friends
who have offered to cast small glass pieces for me but I don’t want
the work of sanding and polishing the glass to suit my needs (or if
it is even a viable option clarity-wise.) Scale-wise I work small so
what I am looking for can’t really exceed 20mm in diameter and
ideally I would like round or oval shapes. Am I shooting in the dark
here by looking for something so specific? Any suggestions, comments,
recommendations? Thanks for any input.

Sherri Strandberg
Aeterna Metals

Many years ago I was handed an uber-fragile antique Czech enameled
miniature to set as a ‘durable’ pendant. I had a lapidary cut me an
oval rock crystal to size, with a dome, yup basically a cab. Wasn’t
cheap(it was one off) but it worked very well. The dome made the
portrait come alive.

I might suggest you consider having a batch of xtls cut with maybe
several sizes, shapes, based on what you project will be the most
useful/popular combos. You might have to confine your work within
that range, but if it gets you the effect you want its worth it

Rather than cut say 6 sizes, cut one or two and use flat bezels
under the xtl to suit the size of your picture, like matting for
photo frame. If you shop around I’ll bet you could get these done
reasonably cheap, if you do some volume. When you talk to cutters,
make mention of the quantity you have in mind. rather than say 'how
much to cut me a cab?" try “How much to cut me 100 cabs” (or

I had a lapidary cut me an oval rock crystal to size, with a dome,
yup basically a cab. 

It occurs to me that lapidary firms already supply exactly this sort
of cabochon for use with opals, to make opal triplets. If she can
find the supplier of these clear caps, she’s got her flat backed lens
shaped cabs ready made, rather than custom cut…

Also, back to the OP’s original effort to try and find ready made
optical lenses, there ARE lenses cut with flat backs. called
plano-convex, they’re flat on one side, convex on the other.

And another idea would be eyeglass lenses. Those, are often convex
on the front, and concave on the back, which would give even more
clearance under the lens…



Check for a local Rock and Mineral Club in your area via the web site. They will have skilled Lapidarians who regularly
cut clear quartz domed crystals with flat backs for Opal Doublets.
This will be your best option.


If you like, you can use the double convex lenses. Simply insert a
step or “race”-- a thin ledge inside the bezel that will boost the
lens up, accommodating for the bulge on the downside.

This will be extra work (although the ledge does not need to be
soldered) but may give you an interesting effect.


Hi Sherri,

Two suggestions:

  1. New York Findings carries a silver or gold locket made for 2
    photos. It is essentially a tiny coin frame holding 2 domed glass
    crystals, back to back. The top unscrews. You could order a silver
    one and just use the 2 crystals. They look to be about 14 mm in
    diameter from the print catalog. NYF is wholesale only.

Click on the Yellow Findings Catalog, and then go to page 40, bottom
left row. #20097 Call for the current price. This catalog is at least
9 years old.

  1. Rubber Nation sells craft items for photo jewelry. They have oval
    and round acrylic cabs made for magnifying photos.


The double convex lenses Andy Cooperman spoke of can be purchased
cheap at scientific surplus. It is a cool little company that sells
everthing from vibrator motors for cell phones to lenses and balloon
molds. I think i got 5 convex lenses for around 3 bucks.

Sarah Doremus