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[Looking4] Lapidary journal article

im look for an article an making a handpiece mounted bench lathe. I
think the article was found in the July 2005 issue of Jewelry
Artist/Lapidary journal. Does anyone know where i can find a copy of
this article? Any info wound be greatly appreicated. There is also a
later issue that talked about this article but did not have details.
Even a picture would help immensely.

You can order back issues of Lapidary Journal on their website.
Price is $4.99 plus shipping. The direct link is:

And you are correct. The July 2005 issue is the one you are looking

Tools Issue! Expert Tips on Tweezers, Turn Your Flex-Shaft into a
Lathe, A Hammer You’ll Love, Hammered Silver Pendant, 6-Point Facet
Star, and more!

Rick Copeland