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[Looking4] Jump ringer blades

Does anyone know if Ray Grossman is still in business with his jump
ringers. I purchased his Mark II ringer set up but am having a hard
time finding the blade replacements as Rio Grande and Gesswein no
longer carry that particular product.(No problem with the small jump
ringer or blades). I have found a larger blade, but for the future
need a reliable source. I called his two service numbers but no
answer and smaller ringer phone number no longer in service. A child
answered the other one so something isn’t making sense.

Thanks for any
Ruth Mary

Try Contenti


I believe those toothed steel blades you are looking for can be
found in the medical supply realm. Only they don’t call them “jump
ring cutting blades”…they call them “bone saws”.

So be really careful using them on metalwork. We don’t use them in
my studio for liability issues…

Jay Whaley

Hello Ruth,

Yes, we’re very much in business and, to answer your questions:

  1. Although we’ve temporarily halted production of the MKII and
    Basic Jump Ringers, we stock the blades for them. Any of our
    distributors can order them from us for resale (#15-9004.20). Rio
    Grande (1-800-545-6566) stocks them in quantity (Their #110176) and
    can ship immediately.

  2. I don’t know what number you called, but if I can be reached at
    1-781-595-4848 from 10-5 EST M-F. I’m here to help you if you need
    any aid with your Jump Ringer.

My very best,
Ray Grossman

Hi Gang,

Blades for the Jump Ringer are available from JTS Machinery & Supply
in Mentor OH

800-321-3566. Web site,

If you go to their web site select the following fields in order.

At the top of the page select: 'Product Categories’
Next select 'Saws & Saw Blades’
Next select ‘Slitting/Slotting Saws’

Then select the size blade you want from the list.