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[Looking4] Jewelry Studio in Costa Rica


Perhaps you can help me. In 6 months I will be moving to Costa Rica
to teach for a year. I am trying to find a jewelry studio or school
where I might be able to continue my work with silver while I am
there. If you know of anyplace or anyone that might have information
on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Hello, there are two jewelry schools here in Costa Rica, one is
Studio metallo and the other is Crisol, both have websites if you
want to check them out. Also there is another place where they teach
metalsmith that is called la Casa del Artista but is sustained by the
state so they dont have a lot of budget and they dont have very good
equipment, but it is very cheap while the other two are privite
institutions so thery are more expensive but they have really good
tools and equipment and more qualified teachers