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[Looking4] Jewelry Photographer

Good morning Orchid members. Can anyone recommend a good jewelry
photographer? I need photos for my website; also prints and jury

Rhonda Weiss

I use Jeff Scovill in Phoenix, Arizona. He has done a great job on
my jewelry. His photos have appeared in Lapidary Journal and Rock &
Gem. I highly recommend him.


Robert Diamante
Steve Meltzer
Larry Sanders (


I’ve been very happy with Kris Kurzawa. She can be reached at


I am happy to announce that Robert Diamante is back! I just had
contact with him and he is returning on August 8 and ready to do his
magic on your jewelry.

If you have questions, please contact him at AFTER
August 8.

Personally, I wouldn’t have my photos done anywhere else. Robert is
an experienced and sensitive photographer who has not only made
jewelry on his own, has done oodles of product shots and has worked
on several of Tim McCreight’s jewelry books. He is easy, personable
and makes your work pop.

Karen Christians
Waltham, MA

Robert Diamante is THE best. He will be back in the country
approximately August 8. His office is in Portland, ME. I mail him my
jewelry. He does the photos and sends me images by email. His photos
have won many awards for jewelers.

Mary A.
Jewelry for the Journey