[Looking4] Jeweler in Ft. Lauderdale


I have a very good customer who is currently in Ft. Lauderdale and
needs a repair on her jade and white gold bangle bracelet that
requires a laser welder. Any talented jewelers with laser welders in
the area? I am sure that there are many but I do not know of anyone.

The bracelet apparently needs a jump ring welded closed and my
customer would prefer to have the repair done while she waits, as
she is leaving Ft. Lauderdale in a couple of days.

Anyone interested in helping she and I out with this simple repair?
I would really appreciate a referral so I can contact her immediately
and send her over.

Thanks so much!

SaraSara D. Commers Studio C Designs C&L Gems LLC 6005 Wayzata Blvd.
Suite 100 St. Louis Park, MN 55416 Ph: 952 797 7777 Fax: 952 797 9065

Sara, Yes…A member of our G&M Society recently purchased Lord’s
Jewelers at 1918 E Sunrise Blvd, in the Gateway Plaza, Ft
Lauderdale. He has a laser and is a skilled jewelry, gemcutter and
appraiser. Phone 954-764-6750

Ask for James Duncan, owner.

Cheers, Don in SOFL