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[Looking4] jemeter90 refractometer

Would like to buy a few for the class that I teach at the university,
anyone have any in working order for sale please let me know.



Occasionally you can find refractometers on eBay under Jewelry -
Supplies - Tools. Good luck!

This equipt was made by Sarasota Instruments that has been closed
the past 3 years. John lost the patents to the people who acquired
the rights to his company and they are not making these at all. We
would gladly buy the rights to reproduce this item. Works on the
refractive index. Wish you the best Kenneth

I’m not positive, but from my investigations, this tool is based on
the ability to surmise the highest possible refractive index based to
the relative reflectivity of the material in question. If you really
are interested in making these things, you might do well to talk to Dr.
William Hanneman in Poulsbo, Washington. He holds patents on some of
these devices and currently manufactures them.
I have his number, if you are interested.

Reflectivity can be directly related to Refractive Index via
mathematics and known physical and optical properties. John Allaman,
of Sarasota Instruments, actually received a patent for this type of
instrument also. Sarasota Instruments produced the Jemeter 90. The
difference is in the type of detector Dr. Hanneman and Mr. Allaman
used. I have been conversing with John and have sparked some interest
in having the unit manufactured again. I don’t know if that will
happen. The first time I talked to Mr. Allaman, we had a very long
conversation about a number of things which was very interesting.
Occasionally these have come available on eBay. Selling prices have
ranged from $406.00 to $889.00. One Swiss tool company lists the
Jemeter 90 on their web site for 625.00 sF (Swiss Francs) about
$399.00. GIA and Rio Grande also used to sell this unit, but it no
longer appears in their catalogs.

Austin, TX

thank you, the jemeter 90 was built by Sarasota instruments and is no
longer in production. I am looking for older models.