[Looking4] Investment casting companies in the US

Hello. Can any users give advice on high quality jewelry investment
casting companies in the U.S. that do excellent work but are not
priced too high?

I am interested in companies that cast in silver, bronze, white
bronze and stainless steel. I have discussed some projects with
Billanti in New York, but their prices seem a bit high according to
some people I’ve spoken to. On top of that, they do not cast in
stainless steel.

Thank you.

I don’t know how you’ll consider pricing, but the best casting work
I’ve come across is Techform


I use them for all my platinum work, and they do extensive work in
stainless and more exotic metals. They are a major supplier to the
medical industry primarily, but do a fantastic job for jewelry.
Worth checking them out in any case. You can price out a job
beforehand with a few utilities in there website.

Tom Tilney


You might try Ruidoso Metal Works

in Las Cruces NM. They’ve been in business for over 30 years & do
very good work.