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[Looking4] independent wax work contractor


I’m looking for an independent contractor to do wax work. Preferably
someone comfortable working with a wildlife theme. If you can
recommend someone, please contact me offline. Thanks in advance.

Walt Teats

I do hand sculpted wax work. I can work with any designs in any
size. Most of my work is nature inspired.

Cheryl Lombard does great work, especially animals

David Geller

hi, you can contact me for any wax work, animals, figures…

How would -one contact you Walt? We can do Ants to Elephants.
Describe what you want, life-like or animated. We can give her a
wherral and see if we can provide these waxes for-you. Nothing
ventured — Nothing gained. Jingle me-up maybe, 210 260.0662
Stephen Wyrick