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[Looking4] In search of an intaglio carver

Here’s a little about my question:

I am a jewelry artist. I have always tried to have ethical and
ecological sources of materials. I have been lucky to have a contact
in Kenya that we are now buying rough gemstones from. This is great
for us and the miners. But as most gemologists and lapidary artists
know there is usually a percentage of rough gemstones that are just
too shallow to facet or cab. I have some amazing garnets that are
just that, clear nice color and size just too shallow. I would like
to have them reverse intaglio carved for some jewelry designs I have
swirling around my brain now. I’ve thought about getting a water drip
set up and doing the carving myself. I think that might be too much
of a learning curve for me right now. I’m expecting my 4th child in
October, and I already have a full plate homeschooling and jewelry
making etc… So I was hoping some of you might know someone who does
intaglio carving. I’ve gone through hours of searching online. I’ve
trolled the The Carving Path forums and other venues. I’ve contacted
local and distant faceters guilds and rockhound groups. I’ve had no
luck thus far. If you wouldn’t mind passing on the cherished
of a contact I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all
your help past, present and future!

Best Regards,
Liz Rishavy

Liz: Call Boris Roitman in New York. He is excellent. 212-840-8629.
There is also Falk Berger who, last I heard, was living in Santa Fe,
New Mexico.

Dikra Gem Inc.

You could try Steve Page, goldsmith and stone carver, at Baltimore
Rocks: 410-235-7039


There is also Falk Berger who, last I heard, was living in Santa
Fe, New Mexico. 

Falk is planning on moving to Tucson; but last I heard he’s still in
Santa Fe environs.