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[Looking4] Heavy duty round nose pliers

I’m trying to find a pair of rather heavy duty, round nose pliers
that are bent at a 90 angle. I don’t want chain-nose pliers; I’m
planning on using them along with a punch set to make prong

You might use interior ‘circlip’ pliers.

Or failing those buy a pair of cheap longnose pliers and bend them,
using the oxy torch to heat them. Bend them to your requirements and
shape or round the jaw ends as required.

Is this for holding the cones while you file out the metal between
the prongs and shape the prongs?

Exterior ‘circlip’ pliers are reverse action, in other words they
open when you squeeze the handles together. So dont buy them for this

Though they are excellent for breaking open a heated solder joint
when resizing.

David Cruickshank. Australia

Heavy Duty Round Nose Pliers. The best I’ve found are Knipex 22-180.
I bought mine in Seattle at Hardwick’s, 4214 Roosevelt Way NE.

Excellent item that I use constantly for wire work.

Ruth Mary