[Looking4] Gucci watch parts

We had a customer bring in a Gucci watch that has a glass case or
back that is coated black with the Gucci logo. The case is broken.
Our watch “guru” can’t or won’t get the part for us. We typically
just change batteries and shorten bands, replace bands, that kind of
thing. Anything more advanced we take to our “guru”. The watch case
is 21mm in diameter and is a model 7200L. Anybody out there have an
idea where to find this part?

Peggy and Ignacio
Harbor Jewelers

If its the model(s) that I am most familiar with, you are probably
out of luck on buying one. That back/xtl has been a tuffy to get for
several years. As a last resort, a regular 1.0mm thick mineral glass
crystal of the correct diameter should fit. The guts of the watch
will show thru the back, and its not real pretty inside a quartz
watch like inside a mechanical, but at least the watch can be worn.
If you need help, I’m sure I have an xtl to fit it. Just need to
know the proper diameter inside the bezel.