[Looking4] Good palladium casting in New York?

Does any one know of a good caster for Palladium 950 in New York
beside Roni Casting?

Thank you.

Cyrille- I can highly recommend Tech Form Advanced Casting here in
Portland Or. With Fed Ex no need to have your caster in NY.

These guys literally wrote to book on Palladium casting and are the
most advanced and proficient. They regularly contribute to MJSA
Magazine. We use them for Platinum and Palladium casting.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

We’ve had very good luck with Best Cast in the NY area. We also use
them when we need large quantities cast, for platinum and
occasionally for CAD work.


you can try Roni Casting on 46th st they do great palladium and a
couple of other interesting alloys