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[Looking4] Good hand engraver

We have a customer who wants a signet style ring made with a family
crest on the top and some dates on the sides just below. I had hoped
that a guy who does some cad work for us could do this but he says
no on this one. Are there any hand engravers out there who might take
this on or any you can refer? Please respond by private message.



I emailed you, but it bounced back for unknown address. I have been
engraving for over 30 years, and would be happy to do this engraving
for you. You may see samples of my work on my website. Please call or
email me for further details if you are still looking.

Thank you,
Melissa Veres, engraver

James Roettger The best hand
engraver around.

Margie Mersky

Hi Charlie, Send it over and we’ll get-ur-done. I am in San Antonio,
Texas, 7500 Callaghan Rd. Ste 354, San Antonio, Texas 78229 I am
listed in JBT, for close to 41 years. I have done a lot of impossible