[Looking4] Goldsmith near Mt Hamilton, California

I am looking for a goldsmith in California to work on a project. A
jeweler from California has asked me to carve a gemstone portrait
cameo. This will be a large oval stone from 35 by 30mm to 50 by 40

I will be carving four portraits into this layered agate. The
jeweler would like it set into a frame of 18 kt white gold with some
diamonds. The design to be light, airy and open. Like a tiara, open-
work in style.

If anyone feels that they can do this or knows some one could you
email at: @Gareth_Eckley.

You can see examples of my agate cameo portraits on my website:

many thanks, Gareth.

Hand carved gemstone cameo portraits & Family Crest Rings-