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[Looking4] Gemstone cutter in Australia

I bought a fabulous piece of sunstone rough (a bit bigger than a golf
ball) in Tucson this year and now need someone to cut it for me!

I contacted the local lapidary club who, for various reasons, would
not ask their members if anyone wanted the job, nor would they let me
speak to any of their members unless I joined the club myself.

Sigh, all I want is a good cutter, I just donE28099t have the time,
much as I would like, to learn to cut at this point and would like
to get this piece finished.

Do any of our Australian members have someone here that they can put
me in touch with? I am in Sydney but am willing to look interstate.

Nicole Nikolich

Try Scott Langford at Langford Gems in SA. scott at

Good luck