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[Looking4] Foredom motor repair

Anyone know where I can get a flex-shaft motor repaired? It’s noisy
and has lost its torque. Thanks in advance.

Vance Stephens

Hi Vance,

Have you checked your motor brushes? You can send your motor back to
Foredom’s repair department for a free estimate. We also have some
on line maintenance videos on our website that might be helpful for
trouble shooting your machine or handpiece.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Electric & Zona Tool Co.

It sounds like you might just need new motor brushes. Check the
Foredom website for the parts, and the Video Library for information
on changing them.


Anyone know where I can get a flex-shaft motor repaired? It's
noisy and has lost its torque.

Chances are all you need is to replace brushes. It is DIY and takes
less than 5 minutes. Brushes are large screws, just about where
hanging loop is attached.

Leonid Surpin

Loss of torque is probably due to brush wear. They can be replaced by
the user for just a couple of bucks and a few minutes of time. They
are available from most sellers of Foredom products. A second problem
is shaft wear. Also easily replaced. If these aren’t the problem,
Otto Frei offers a repair service.

Hi Vance,

Yes, There are many options. You can send the motor to Foredom for
repair. You can also send it to most Foredom dealers, but call them
first to make sure they have a service center available. Another
option is an independent service center such as The Jewelry
Equipment Dr. (208-267-1683). There is even another option. You may
be able to repair it yourself. If you would like technical assistance
for doing your own motor repair, you can contact us off line.

John, The Jewelry Equipment Dr.


Send it back to Foredom.


You can try the Jlry Equipment Doctor att John at 208-267-1683 or
foredom at 800-2727-2885

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold