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[Looking4] Faceting resources

Hello to all of you wonderful Ganoksin artists.

I, through a contact of my husband’s, have recently created a
business= relationship with a family of miners (related to our
contact) in Kenya. I am purchasing rough from them and need to find a
faceter. I have already done my due diligence on the miners and
stones and everything is very “cut and dry”. I’ll be purchasing
quantity of high quality Tsavorites, Color Change Garnets and many
other types of stones. All of the stones I am purchasing COD. I will
be hand selecting the stones out of rough parcels once they arrive
stateside. I have enough knowledge of gemology to be able to select
faceting rough and cabbing rough.

I truly need someone who would be willing to work in medium sized
batches of rough stones. My total order is only 1400+ grams of
various gems so not quite large enough for most commercial faceting
companies. I would even be willing to barter some of the stones as
part/all of the contract for faceting. I do have Llyod Forrester of
Clear Cut Gems, here in Florida working
on the best stones out of the sample parcel. I plan on continuing to
work with Llyod but I am also seeking someone to do the rest of the
"roughly" (if you’ll pardon the pun) 500+ stones.

I wish you all happy days filled with many sales!

Liz Rishavy
Miele Melograno

Hi Liz,

I would like to introduce My self as a fellow member of Orchid and a
commercial lapidary based in sri lanka. we have over 13 years
experience in cutting gemstones and many customers on orchid and
other networks who will vouch for our service. we do commercial cuts
and Custom cuts as per customer requirements.

Please visit our web site
for Information and Email me if you have Any questions.

Looking forward to your reply
Ahmed shareek

i Liz

I want to recommend Ahmed Shareek of Crescent Gems in Sri Lanka to
you as a very good cutter and person to do your bulk facetting. Over
the past few years he has cut many hundreds of stones for my gem and
jewelery business and I have been very pleased with the quality of
his work —they are more than a cut above most commercial cutting
services. He also heat treats sapphires with good results— I have
recently received back a parcel of over 500 montana sapphires and
today sold over 17 cts to a client. No involvement —just a happy

Dave Barclay C&D Gemcraft