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[Looking4] European supplier

  1. Is there a supplier like Rio Grande in Europe for those of us
    east of the Atlantic ocean? Particularly for items made in Europe?
    It’s a shame to have to pay for shipping/customs/duties/taxes from
    Europe to Albuquerque and then all the way back again with a second
    round of shipping/customs/duties/taxes…:-)…Especially for 220V
    items…When I say “like Rio”, I mean geared to selling to

  2. I have 11 pages (!) of ‘ancient’ xeroxes of gallery/patterned
    wires which I believe were made in Germany (?). Huge selection! Does
    anyone have any idea of who the manufacturer might be? Pretty much
    ALL patterned wires that I have ever seen in ANY catalogue appear in
    this old catalogue, so I imagine it was a major European producer.
    Any leads would be appreciated. I would post the pics, but there so
    many pages…

Janet in Jerusalem

Hello from the UK

Suppliers in Europe - try British-based companies for tools : Sutton
Tools in Birmingham, HS Walsh & Sons and Cookson Precious Metals.

The patterned wire and gallery strip you mention - I believe that
Bellore bought an entire manufacturing system, and they claim to
have the largest selection of gallery strip available. They also have
a wide range of findings and other supplies.

Rashbel in London are also a useful source

All of these can be found on the web.

Bijou Moderne in Rotterdam, Netherlands:

I’ve always had good service, they send to other countries without
any problem (I live only 200 km away but it’s still another country).
I don’t know about taxes outside the EU.

Fischer, Germany: I have no
experience with them

Linda Savineau, Belgium

The London Jewellery Design School list suppliers in the UK:

Robyn Hawk

try Mario D’Maio from Milan. We have using their service for a long
time and they try to help you in everything you need. They have a
website as well and it is in different languages.