[Looking4] European engravering apprenticeship

Hello dear friends,

My name is Florin Mihai, I’m 36 yrs old and I live in Romania.

Ten years I worked as a freelance photographer and a year ago I
started to engrave. A long time I waited to begin to engrave and
finally last years I took the decision to begin. First I used the
Gravermax from GRS and then I bought a Lindsay Classic Airgraver.

I practice a lot on copper and brass different designs, scroll leaf
in bright cut and lettering.

My intention is to start to work in Europe as an apprentice to learn
also others skills near an jeweler. I’m familiar with English and

Please if you have time, can you give me an advice about this? What
is the best approach and where to start?

Many thanks for your time.


I think there is a Swiss outfit that is very good at teaching