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[Looking4] Enameler

Hello all, I have a customer that is looking for a simple enameled
ring for his daughter. I do not have any of the supplies and not
really sure if I want to get into enameling. If you can enamel a
simple silver band, please contact me with the price. I am looking
at around a size 6 ( I would size her myself and let you know the
size) and the band would be white with little red paw prints around
the ring. I can send a simple pattern of what I think it should look
like if needed, the school is the Katy Tigers. Please contact me off
line at


I have a customer wanting a ring made which has two colors (red &
blue) enameled onto it. I don’t do enameling. I’m hoping to find
someone on here who does trade work. Please email me offlist so I can
describe in detail what I want.


I am looking for someone who would be able to enamel a piece for me.
I will be casting the piece in 18K green gold. It needs a
transparent coating. I have not enameled in years and do not feel
comfortable starting again on this job. Please contact me off list if
you know of someone who would be able to help me.

Kirsten Reynolds

website is Margaret Langdell Have not used her
yet but comes with great experience!

Margie Mersky


Margaret Langdell is an award-winning enamelist.
mlangdell at langdellstudios dot com
She is also a nice person. Lives in MA.

Good luck. Mary A