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[Looking4] Earring parts in 14k rose gold

Hi all,

We’ve been looking high and low for some earring parts in 14k Rose

We’ve heard them called: ear wire and joint, rio calls them ear hoop
and catch.

they are for hoop earrings:

I can find them in Sterling and Yellow gold, but I need them in


Amery- Try Stuller. If they don’t have it in rose gold, they often
make stuff to order. If you can’t find them, any where, they’re easy
and satisfying to make.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

Hi there,

We had to search high and low last summer for 14k rose gold earring
parts–in our case, shepard hooks…No such beast that we could
fine. and the jeweler is making them in house… I suggest, as a
person who does a lot of repairs, use the 14k yellow gold parts-they
will have more strength and then plate these parts if you can. Or
leave them yellow and incorporate that into the design of the

If someone else out there knows who has rose gold parts, please
post= for all of us…I know that somewhere in the world there is a
manufacturer for all those hoops being made…