[Looking4] Diamond setter in Dallas


I have a potential customer that lives in Dallas, Tx and wants to
have a custom ring made for her .4ct round diamond. I am looking for
a reputable setter in the area that I and my customer could work
with. Since I live several states away I thought this might be best
way to locate someone. Is there anyone here that would be interested?
Or anyone that could be recommended?

Thanks so much!


I would highly recommend Bill Sheahan at Forward Designs. He is in
the Dallas World Trade Center. One of the finest setters I have ever
known, he is also a consummate custom goldsmith with an understanding
of the potential problems faced with long-distance high-end custom
work. He has done incredible work for many very high-end retail
stores both in the Dallas area and worldwide. He uses fabrication,
hand carved wax, and/or CAD CAM, and is setup to produce any kind of
jewelry in any precious metal, including casting palladium and
platinum. He’s also an incurable techie, if there is a new process,
material or technique coming up on the horizon, Bill already has it
in place, figured out and working. You won’t be disappointed.


No affiliation, he just taught me most of what I know about setting
and finishing, for no other reason than the fun of it, and still
blows me away with what he does from time to time. The guy’s good.

Dave Phelps