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[Looking4] Diamond needed

Hi All,

In repairing a MOP watch dial, I lost one of the diamonds. It is a
round diamond in a square 4 prong setting. The size of the setting is
1.15mm. Can anyone help?


are you sure its a diamond and not a foil back?

if you still need the melee I have many pieces of that size and in
surprisingly high quality for the size! contact me off list with
colour you need, and other details and we can try to match it any
other stones on the face! rer

I have some diamonds that might fit the bill but I won’t have a good
camera till tuesday this week, then I can take photo’s with info
attached if still interested, last camera died, an Ethiopian Welo
Opal, set free swinging inside the heart, have since added a bail
over the jump ring, let me know if interested in looking at the diamonds