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[Looking4] Custom titanium bracelet

Bill Seeley, with Reactive Metals, referred me to you in regards to
my request below for a custom titanium bracelet. I would be
absolutely delighted if you could help.

A friend of mine has a very severe medical condition and I need to
have a medical bracelet made for him. Below are very specific
guidelines that must be abided by due to his life-threatening

  1. Masculine medical bracelet made out of anodized titanium (yellow
    gold color).

  2. Solid red emblem on the outside of a first-aid cross; not a snake
    emblem, which is typically used.

  3. Deeply engraved, inked writing on the inside so that it would be
    easily read in poor lighting. “Diabetes/Adrenal
    Insufficiency/Coumadin. See wallet (front pants pocket) or attache.”

  4. Full length: 7.75 inches

  5. Description: a chain that looks masculine, traditional, and

Could you make this bracelet?
Thank you for your time,


Cynthia Eid who lives in MA has made several medical bracelets. She
is a regular contributor to Orchid.

Best regards,
Mary A