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[Looking4] Custom dopsticks

We have tried contacting All Dops for the past week leaving messages
and emailing. Nothing has come of this. My husband is in great need
of some for his faceting needs. Is there anyone else in the jewelry
world that makes them?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Angela Hampton
Hampton House Jewelry

Hi Angela,

I have a new lathe. I plan on making dops for myself, I just have
not done it yet. Can you tell me the kind of machine you have? The
kind of dops you need? What are the dimensions? Maybe I can make
them. I would like to help if I can.


All dops may be on vacation. It is July.



You would need to specify the faceting machine make and perhaps model
and also the dimensions of the shaft of the dops. Basically anyone
with a metal lathe could make you dops.

Ray Wilson

Must wear my glasses when reading email. Thought the title of this
thread was, “Custom chopsticks”. Boggles the mind…custom chopsticks
on a jewelry forum, I HAVE TO read this…oh, wait…

Someone ought to do this though. That would be a neat project,
though not as cool as Hans Meevis’ dragons!

Kelley Dragon

Thought the title of this thread was, "Custom chopsticks". Boggles
the mind...custom chopsticks on a jewelry forum, 

Actually, I know someone who made a table and place settings for an
MFA project and it included forged chopsticks in silver.


I have metal lathe and I’m sure I could make them, I have seen
dopsticks before, but never made them. if you have dimensions, let
me know, and I’ll let you know if it’s possible!


What are dopsticks used for? Could not find any explanation on the


What are dopsticks used for? 

To hold stones while cutting them.



Dopsticks are used by lapidarists (stone/rock workers) to hold small
stones so that they can be cut. With faceting dopsticks can vary in
the size of the shaft depending on the brand of machine they are
used in. They also vary on the end (either cone or flat) depending on
the size of the stone you want to cut. For cabochons I use dops made
of bamboo sticks for dopping opal.

Ray Wilson

You should post your request for about where to acquire
dopsticks on the USFG faceter’s discussion list.

There are many faceters on the list to answer all of your questions
with regards to faceting gemstones and the related equipment.

The for the list is below.

Best regards,
Robert P. Lowe Jr.
Lowe Associates - Brasil

There are some resources here.