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[Looking4] Contract custom carver

Hi gang,

Me again! So we’re moving to California from Canada, and hoping to
make new connections through these forums. We currently job out our
custom work through a Canadian contractor who has done really amazing
work for us. Primarily in the area of, customer walks in, hands us a
picture and says:" Here, make this engagement ring for me!"

Does anyone have a good contact to take on this type of work for us,
I’ve managed to make that end of my business hands off for myself
and would like to keep it that way.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Hey Gerry: to be honest with you if you ahve a guy in canada that
you’ve been working with for along time and are happy with and know
what to expect when you give him a job…frankly I would continue
with him…shipping has never been easier, and there is always a
learning curve with new people and new personalities faxes and
digital photography make things easier too. This is such a logical
solution that you must have thought of this also, you must have your
reasons maybe use the olsd guy while you groove in a new closer one?


without a doubt I recommend Margie Mersky []
I’ve been working with her for a couple of years now basically doing
just what you describe. My customer say can you make this? I say hang
on a minute, Margie, can you make this. The answer is invariably Yes
and we are off. Many happy customers later, I recommend her heartily.


I do custom wax carving. If you want, you can give me a try. You can
check out my little web site at:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Margie Mersky [] is tops. No, let me
rephrase that…she’s TOPS. She has done a number of things for me
including a very geometrically complex project where fit and symmetry
of the various cast components was hypercritical. Her work was
flawless. I wish I had more work to send her.

I’ve been carving for many years and have done work for Orchid
Members as well. Here is my website. Margie Mersky

Here is my own wax by Kindt Collins

Regarding the wax carver…we use a local carver, his name is Marq
Corrigan. He does amazing work and very reliable. You can contact him
directly at mcdesigns at cox dot net or 402-734-3715.

Good Luck