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[Looking4] Ceylon blue sapphire, 2cts

I am looking for a Ceylon Blue Sapphire, 2 cts, round… Have
Crescent Gems looking but it is taking some time… Any suggestions
as to where to go for a nice stone… ??..Wholesale of course…
for a customer… Please Email me ASAP


Hello, Stephen here. Let me know for sure what you need - I have
traveled, and still do, Africa for thirty one years. There are many
"Gem Stones", I can get for you. as far as the polishing or faceting
goes - I keep all cutting & polishing on the highest level, making
them "beautiful My cell is 210.260.0662, and Shop/Office
is 210.340.8020.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ

I appreciate the help provided so far in looking for a 'Ceylon (Sri
Lanka) Blue Sapphire of about 2.0 cts… But I still need your
help!!! I have basically retire (bout 6 years now) but have been
given the honour, by my daughter’s boyfriend(fianc) of making her
engagement ring…Really,really wanted to do this one… and was
hoping that he would ask…and he did!!!

But now I have the job…I have to ‘Get’er’ done’!!!.. And you
guys have to help!!!.. I’m sure you all understand!

I have to find a 2.0 (+,-) quality, Ceylon Blue, at a good price.
Have used all my sources plus… Like to hear directly from Sri Lanka
( cost and cut should be on my side)!

HELP!!.. Could be my last engagement ring…don’t do them much
anymore except for very, very close old customer’s grandkids…
Their children are all ‘ringed’ and married.