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[Looking4] Casting company in CA

Hi, I am looking for a casting company in my general area, Truckee,
Ca., North Lake Tahoe. This is near Reno, Nv. and a 1.5 hrs. from
Sacramento, Ca. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you for your

Cheers, Lorien Powers


Not far from you in Grass Valley is Robert Snell Casting. A company
I have worked with for over 20 very satisfying years. Great company
that can do most anything but Platinum.
(530) 273-8958

Sam in San Jose

Lorien- I would suggest Robert Snell in Nevada City. 530-273- 8958. I
use them exclusively for my own dog tag company’s production. If I
get cornered into doing a custom job I use them for that with
absolute confidence. I’m also the model maker for a much bigger
fashion jewelry manufacturing company as well and we use them for our
rings and more problematic molds where we really need that extra
attention given to every wax that’s shot.

Extasia, inc