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[Looking4] Box clasp pattern


Does anyone know where I might find a pattern to make a box
clasp. Years ago, I learned to make one in a jewelry class and I lost
the pattern.

Trish White
New York


Tim McCreight’s “The Complete Metalsmith” has at least one- try your
local library first…


My copy of Tim McCreight, The Complete Metalsmith (1991 edition) has
a couple of nice designs on page 136



A box clasp is one of the projects with detailed instructions and
tips in Alan Revere’s book, Professional Goldsmithing.


My ‘bible’ - Alan Revere’s book Professional Goldsmithing - has it
as a detailed project. I refer to this book for one thing or another
every time I’m in the studio and stumped by something.

The hard cover book today costs hundreds, but the spiral bound book
is available from the Revere Academy website.