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[Looking4] Blank cabochon settings

I am trying to find a distributor or a foundry or a factory that can
provide me with cabochon settings in stainless steel and/or sterling
silver, specifically round cabochon settings including rings,
pendants, keychains, and earrings. I need the settings without a

I see lots of jewelry on the Internet that has a round cabochon
setting with a stone already set, but I need the blanks. the
settings without the stones…“in stock” blank settings that have
already been created so I can purchase these and set my own stones
in the settings. I am looking for hundreds of these things if anyone
can help me find a source for both stainless steel and sterling
silver (no plate) I will be happy to supply particulars.

Thanks, Peter

Try Tripp’s in Socorro, New Mexico.

Irv B.


Rio Grande

Both are good customer service providers.


Have you tried

Al Balmer
Pine City, NY