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[Looking4] Best source for bronze

Anyone have the best source for bronze?

I need about ten pounds at this point. I’m sure the more you buy the
better the price.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College

Hi Todd,

I need about ten pounds at this point. I'm sure the more you buy
the better the price. 

What kind of bronze?

Regards Charles A.

Rio Grande carries bronze for casting in various colors. I believe
it cost around $11. a pound,with a reduction in price for larger


Anyone have the best source for bronze?

I don’t know about “best,” but Rio Grande carries bronze wire. Ten
pounds of 18-gauge bronze wire would cost you $21.35 (+ S&H, of

Judy Bjorkman

Charles & All,

I do cast a brass alloy, nickel, sterling, all golds and soon a
Titanium alloy.

The bronze in my perfect world would be lead free, and melt at
2000F. I prefer to spin cast with either a Smith torch or the Harris
Platinum melting torch.

Vacuum casting I use a Kerr Electromelt Furnace that has a maximum
melt temperature of 2000 F. You can go 2100 F, but will burn the unit
out above that.

I’m hoping to find material at about 5.00 per pound or so.

Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College

My buy price for tin was $18 a kilo, and copper was $4 a kilo, but
this price has risen to $8 or $9 for copper, and I don’t currently
have a source for tin (I still have a chunk left though).

I really like 90/10 (if you haven’t gathered by now), so my raw
element purchases will reflect this mixture.

I bought 9 kilos of copper, and 1 kilo of tin which worked out to be
$5.40 a kilo, which worked out to be $2.45 per pound. Currently the
exchange rate between our countries is even par, so we don’t have to
worry too much about currency conversions to muddy the conversation.

Looking at The site gives a metric
tonne price for the metals, so you can easily divide by 1000 to get a
kilo rate.

The price for Tin is about $29.98 a kilo
The price for copper is about $9.84 a kilo

Let’s say you use tin as the base that costs you $29.98, then you
buy 9 kilos of copper, that’s $88.56, to give you a nice 90/10 at
$118.54. Divide by 10 gives you roughly $11.86 a kilo, divide by 2.2
to give pounds to give $5.39 per pound.

So it’s do-able, although it’s 39 cents per pound over your ideal

When I find a local tin supplier, I’ll be buying more tin. Currently
I have to recommend sterling silver for some of my customers, as tin
is difficult for me to get at the moment. Substitute stair boxes
hasn’t panned out yet.

Regards Charles A.

I’ve made bronze using plumber’s lead-free solder as my tin supply.
The alloy used in the UK seems to be 99% tin, 1% copper.

It’s probably more expensive (UKP 20/kilo) than buying it from a
proper metal supplier, but it is extremely convenient.


Old pewter tankards at car boot sales work out quite cheap, the
older they are the thicker, and if they have dents they are not worth
much at all, right?