[Looking4] Bench in central Oregon

Hello Orchidians,

I am looking for a used jewelers bench, for cheap. I need one that
has a bunch of drawers on the right hand side. I have a blood clot on
my left side, that requires me to keep my leg elevated, up on the
desk. So I can still access the left sided drawers, but not as
easily as the ones on the right. I’m looking for one that hopefully
has the half-circle belly hole already cut out of it. With the belly
hole, I can kinda skooch (is that a word?) up right close, with my
leg up on the left. I live in Bend, Oregon, but I am willing to drive
my cargo van up to 175 miles one-way to pick up a desk. Please let
me know if you have one you want to sell for really inexpensively!!
Also, I am always looking for good used hammers, or pliers - I love
good pliers! I was wondering if there was a place on the web where
jewelers sold their used tools? I can’t seem to find such a place.
Does Ganoksin have a classified section that I can’t find?

I also want to thank everyone for their kindness in sharing all
their wisdom, tips and tricks! It’s greatly appreciated!!

Sandra B