[Looking4] Ball mounted compass

Hello Orchidians,

I am looking for a compass that is mounted in a ball and that I can
mount in a bezel sort of frame to make a pendant for a client. We
have been searching the internet and have found some but they are
plastic and I want the ball to be at least glass. Anybody have any
ideas of where we might find a source for this?

The same client wants a mustard seed in a ball–a religious icon
sort of thing that was popular in the 50’s, I think. Any ideas?

Thank you so much,

Janet -

Can’t help with the compass, but I remember the mustard seed in a
ball (which gives my age away now that I think of it).

I saw some in a mall in the last year or so at one of those kiosks
where they engrave your name on a grain of rice and then put it in a
tiny glass tube that you can wear on a chain.