[Looking4] Authentic wittnauer watch crystal

Hello all

I need a authentic crystal for an vintage Wittnauer watch. Does
anyone have any suggestions.

I also need 2 strands of graduated Akoya pearls…again suggestions


One way is to send the watch to Casker in Cincinnati, Ohio, to their
crystal fitting dept. They have a large selection and will install
them for you too. Another way is send me a pic of the watch along
with the dimension(LxW) and I will check my own stock of vintage
xtls. It can be hit or miss on vintage stuff tho.

Ed R

i have hundreds of watch crystals but i do not do watch work. they
were given to me by my neighbor. how do i tell if they are Wittnauer?
i will look for you.

Hi Michelle

Original Wittnauer crystals were flat bezel Sapphire…vs. domed

…that is the sum total of what I know ;-o

Thanks for looking