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[Looking4] Artisans who work with palladium

Hello Orchid community. I am looking for companies or private
artisans who can manufacture mountings/settings in palladium or
alternative/new metals of equal or lesser value but more valuable
than silver. Namely, I am looking to purchase tennis bracelet
mountings with prong crowns that can hold stones 6mm in diameter
±.5mm. You may reach me through here or email me offline.

thank you and i hope to make some contacts or get some directions
towards those who can help me.


Hi Andrei,

I will be happy to cast 950 Palladium settings for your tennis

We have serviced the Jewelry Industry for over 50 years and will:
Design in CAD (Matrix), RP print CAM (Envisiontec), cast (Induction),
Please advise your specs. so we may quote accordingly.

Harold Eberle