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[Looking4] Artisans for blog and newsletter interviews

I’m currently looking for interview/profile subjects for my blog and
for a UK jewellery newsletter called benchpeg (
I’ve recently interviewed a Ganoksin user called James Miller FIPG;
the interview has been reprinted in the most recent issue of
benchpeg, and originally appearedon my blog (read it at ).

Subjects for interview would ideally be master jewellers with a
specialisation, and using traditional techniques to produce their
work. Or, an understanding of jewellery and fine art history. A body
of work and/or exhibitions would be important, and a willingness to
talk about the trade generally as well as themselves. This is a great
chance for some publicity, and wouldn’t take up much time - the
interview would be via email, and done without too much urgency.

If you know someone who fits the bill, and is willing to be
interviewed, please send me their contact details. Alternatively, if
you want to recommend yourself, drop me an email - there’s nothing
wrong with a bit of shamelessself-publicity! There’s no need to do
this publically - you can email me offline or by clicking the “reply
to sender” link on this message.

Many thanks.Jamie