[Looking4] Amethyst end cap?

Dear All,

I have a bracelet with a missing end cap. It’s one of those sterling
and 14k cuff bracelets that Yurman made very popular. The end caps
are amethysts that are a cross between a bullet and a cabachon. They
are tall like a bullet, but dome shaped like a really tall cab. Our
client has lost one of the amethysts, as they are only glued in
place, even though they look bezeled. Does anyone know a good source
to try to locate a replacement amethyst like I described? It
measures 8mm in diameter and 7mm tall. We could have one cut, but if
these are available, that would be great.

Thanks for the wisdom.

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa 50401

I am working on what sounds like a very similar bracelet but with
square stones (sort of a rounded pyramid bullet), and also can’t
find the amethyst we need without having to spend about $50 to
$100(US) a carat to have them custom cut, which seems a little pricey
for mediocre amethyst. I need two, and the one torn up stone I have
measures about 8.5mm square by about 5mm tall (from the girdle), but
I could make a slightly different size work, if need be. They are
glued in (yeesh!) after all.


Have you considered, as a longer-term solution, taking a class in

Steve Weinberger is teaching faceting classes at WildAcres in NC
and, beginning the end of April, at the Gem Cutters’ Guild in



Have you considered, as a longer-term solution, taking a class in

I have some faceting equipment (that I got so cheap I practically
stole it) and have messed around with it enough to be able to repair
slightly damaged stones and cut a saleable round brilliant tourmaline
or quartz family stone. It isn’t at all profitable though as it takes
me about eight hours to cut a $40 stone (with anything close to a
decent polish) and I’m nowhere near good enough to cut anything worth
more than that. I also don’t have any cabbing equipment yet. The
stones I need are going to take both, I think. I would love to pursue
the art of faceting, carving and cabbing, but I already have more
bubblegum than I can chew, what with a five year old retail store
that has a ravenous appetite for cash and time, a couple of
journeymen goldsmiths with voracious appetites for more tools,
knowledge and skills (unfortunately not for stone cutting) and a
family that likes me to visit home every now and then outside of the
hours from midnight to eight AM.

One day, Lorraine, one day. At least that’s what I keep telling
myself. Thanks for the link and the info, they’re going in the
“Things I want to learn before I retire” file (which already has
about eight hundred years worth of stuff in it).

In the meantime, I think I have found someone that can help me.
Someone has responded off-list and assures me he can do the job for
significantly less than others I have talked to. Thanks Ahmed, and
thank you once again to the Orchid family!