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[Looking4] Aluminum casting company

Hello all,

I’ve been a lurker for the longest time and this is my first post!
I’m making some large solid pieces and in order to reduce the weight
and ensure wearability, I’m thinking of either casting them in
aluminum, or having them electroformed. Does anyone have any
recommendations on vendors for either of these services? For the
casting route, I’m hoping for a foundry that does investment casting
instead of sand casting, but any referrals would be great.

Alternately, any other suggestions would be appreciated–to give you
an idea, they look like branches, with bulbous shapes at the tips.
I’d like to avoid hollowing them out as the design would lose some of
its aesthetics…


I own/operate a ceramic shell foundry casting mostly bronze but do
occasional aluminum pieces. If you are interested in sending me some
pictures and dimensions (off list) I would be happy to let you know
what I could do the castings for. We would need to talk and I would
be happy to call you once I know a bit more (if you are in the USA).

John Dach
Sequim Washington

Hi, folks.

I recently started digging aluminum because of its light weight,
finish and workability.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any reputable person or company
that will cast jewelry pieces in aluminum.


Hi John,

I used to have an aluminum jewelry company 25 years ago that made
fashion jewelry.

Al. is easy to cast if you already cast precious metals, the alloy
is important if you plan to anodize.

There are some techniques for the dying process that eliminate the
spotting that usually accompanies dying of castings.

When you get to that point I would be glad to share that with you,
as well as my leftover dyes.

Good luck, it’s a fun metal
jeff kahn