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[Looking4] Abstracta system to rent

Hi Orchidians -

Any Las Vegas jewelers out there with Abstracta systems? I am
planning on doing the ACRE show at the end of April and have been
attempting to build my own booth. This is my first wholesale show
(yikes!) and I have been trying to build my own unique booth set up
for the past few months. But money is scarce (business cards, hotel,
travel, etc.) and time even scarcer so I am turning to the one source
that might be able to help. If there are any Vegas Orchidians that
would allow me to rent their system for the few days of the show I
would be eternally grateful…actually, if there are any jewelers
with a system along I-80 with one I am prepared to pick up and drop
off if need be (haven’t decided if we are flying or driving yet,
guess it depends on the booth set up!) Thank you in advance for your
help and/or suggestions. This has been an exciting few months
launching my business officially and now attempting to place it in
boutiques and galleries across the country. I’ve gotten so much
from the posts already.

Thanks again.

Rachel - who will soon have a website so I am able to share my work
with you all