[Looking4] 3D models of a ring

Not being computer up to date at 64 years old… I am trying to figure
this all out… I need someone to make 3d models of a ring for me in
different sizes so I can then cast them in Stainless Steel… Can
anyone out there do this for me… [@Vernon_Wilson]

Vernon Wilson

I know this guy named Yo Han Smittenberg on the forum that does some
CAD in GemVision Matrix 3D. he does OK with it but his problem is he
is slow as dirt. He has a grasp of CAD but would need a little info.
The good CAD software today has a resize feature so after the master
has been drawn it can be sized and saved in a different file as that
size, example, Bobs Pluming master, Bobs Pluming master size 8,
etc… I will send you his email so you can think about where you
might want to go with it.


If you want your CAD files produced for you in a very short
turnaround, I use Matrix 3D software, I instruct it, and fulfill the
other side…from start to finish.

Russ Hyder-The Jewelry CAD Institute

Thanks for all who have replied to my request for help… I have
found someone to do my CAD work who I taught years ago how to do
Custom Jewelry… small world… anyway the job is coming along well
hope to get this one out of the way only have 16,000 rings to make
now… all in Stainless Steel… the new silver in this world…

Vernon Wilson

Hello Vernon, I would be happy to make your waxes - you must provide
the art-work or a very good description of what you want made and we
will figure every thing out for your projects.

Stephen Wyrick 210.260.0662, if you want to start-out in English