Looking forward to being more active

Dear Orchid Pals, For some time my activity with jewelry and
Orchidland has been a little dormant. I took a little detour in to
real estate investing and now that property is sold. Yippee!! I look
forward to renewed activity with this wonderful forum. This is truly
a most altruistic group.

As some of you may already know I have very limited physical ability
to work. Due to a lumbar spinal cord injury about twenty years ago I
have nerve damage and chronic pain. I do my best to work about three
hours a day (6 am to 9am) and I feel so blessed to continue the work
that I love. This is what I was born to do. At this time my husband
is facing some disabling health problems and I have just been
referred to a neurosurgeon for spine impingement at cervical levels
5, 6 & 7. We are coping well and have so many supportive people in
our lives. I am asking this group for special prayers or healing
thoughts that I will be able to continue to work. If any body has a
hot line to the heavenly jewelry beings it is this group.

Thank you Hanuman,

Cathy Wheless

Cathy, Welcome back, you are not alone. I mentioned in a post
yesterday that I too am disabled with degenerative disk disease (not
just the lumbar but the whole durn thing from my neck to my
tailbone). I am able to work sitting up in bed or maybe even put in
a few hours on my lapidary. I also am doing web pages for Diamond
Pacific right now, but that should be done in a month or so. I cut
and sell opals. I will be starting to sell top quality Brazilian
opals in both rough and cut form. If you need any help with web
pages or opals or just someone to share what you are going through,
as I tell my wife all the time “I’ll be here.” Can’t go anywhere
else at the moment.

We will certainly add you to our prayers. It works for me, and I’m
sure it’ll work for you.

Thanks for writing
Rick Carew
AZopals @r_carew