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[Looking for] Win-Ox oxidizer

I am looking for a supplier of Win-Ox oxidizer for darkening silver
and gold. Does anyone know where I can order it? Thank you.

David Luck

David, I sure hope you come up with a response on the Win=Ox
oxidiser…I used to use it regularly , but my supplier at that
time stopped carrying it. I seem to remember that it was toxic and
didn’t meet government imposed shipping regs. Compared to the crap
that is currently available, it was in another league. One
application gave perfect results
Good luck! Ron at MIlls Gem, Los Osos, CA.

I too would like to know where to find win-ox oxidizer. I have been
using the same bottle for 14 years and it’s almost gone. I’ve
ordered two other kinds and they’re practically useless. I hope they
haven’t gone out of business. ~Poppy~

I’ve gotten win-ox from indian jewelers supply in new mexico usa…tel
800.545.6540 us$7.25 for 3oz.bottle… the stuff is a nasty
chemical brew {seems much more toxic than liver of sulfur} but it
sure does work good and very fast and easy. If you want very black
blacks this is the way to go… i just paint it on with a small paint
brush and the stuff works immediately but i try not to breath when
i’m doing it---- i recommend good ventilation … and in the
states it has to be shipped ground transportation.

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