Looking for used Rhinogold license

Hi, I am in search for someone who is interested in selling their Rhinogold 5, or 4 license. I use version 5.7 at my job and want to make my own designs at home. I however cannot afford the new software, and need to use this tool for myself.I just purchased a computer so at least I am half way there.
Thanks for looking,

Hello Adama,
Have you also tried posting this on the Rhino McNeel forum? Perhaps you might have luck there!


Hey cool! Rhino McNeel is running a Discourse forum as well! Just like Orchid (same software). Pretty new, so it’s super cool to see another jewelry-related biz using it. Although I guess if anyone in the industry is going to early adopt an open-source forum software, Rhino seems like an obvious one.

Hi Julie,
I was not aware of it. I will look into it now though.
Thanks for the link too!

HI Seth,

Ah! I see!..When you launched the this new forum format, that was the first thing that came to mind…“Gee, this looks just like the Rhino forum!”



Also, RhinoGold was recently bought by Gemvision Matrix…

(I see many matrix users here too! :raising_hand:)


RhinoGold (TDM Solutions) and Matrix (Gemvision) were purchased by Stuller.

Can I recommend Sketchup if you can’t get other software?

With the right extensions, Sketchup can make incredibly good models. I use Sketchup Pro with a few extensions like Artisan to make models because I too only make jewelry as a hobby (at the moment).