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[Looking for] The maker of the Koil Winder

Hi All - I have a brochure from Gemstones Etc. advertising a Koil
Winder that I would like to purchase. Only problem is - my email to was returned, and I don’t have any further
info on who this is.

If any one knows who or where this individual is, I’d appreciate your
letting me know!

Thanks -

Ivy- His name is Dave Arens, and his phone number (assuming that has
not changed also) is 520-749-2413.

Neda Nassiri

Ivy, I originally bought mine from Corinne (?) during a Tucson show
where she was demonstrating her Jig device. I later saw and bought
more at a local Value Craft store for considerably less money.

Check out the Craft Stores Michael’s, etc. and also Walmart. They are
easy to find at these venues. HTH Teresa

Perhaps you are looking for the Jump Ringer. It is available through
Rio, Frei, etc. Or contact the maker for a distributor nearby: Ray
Grossman is the inventor/manufacturer

Good luck. It is very innovative and helpful tool. I recommend it
highly if you are serious about making quantities of jump rings for
chains or other uses. Alan

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts 760 Market Street Suite 900 San
Francisco, CA 94102 tel: 415-391-4179 fax: 415-391-7570 email: